Framework for Action

Brief definition

Meeting people’s health needs through comprehensive promotive, protective, preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative care throughout the life-course, strategically prioritizing key health care services aimed at individuals and families through primary care and the population, with essential public health functions as the central elements of integrated health services.
PHC Approach PHC LEVERS PHC Results

Integrated Health Services with an Emphasis on Primary Care and Essential Public Health Functions

Link to immunization: national immunization and PHC program managers and decision-makers can contribute to integrated health services by supporting the integration of immunization into other health services at the policy, management, and service delivery levels.

  • Integration of immunization into national and subnational health strategies and PHC packages of essential services.
  • Integration of immunization and other health services at the service delivery level through coordination and integration of human resources, surveillance, supply chain, financing, and vaccine safety.