Core Principles

The IA2030 strategy—to extend the benefits of vaccines to everyone, everywhere—is underpinned by four core principles: it puts people in the center, is led by countries, implemented through broad partnerships, and driven by data. The IA2030 strategy systematically applies the core principles across each of the strategic priorities.

People centered

Responding to populations needs

The design, management and delivery of immunization services should be shaped by and responsive to the needs of individuals and communities, including addressing barriers to access to immunization services due to age, location, social and cultural norms and gender-related factors.

Country owned

Driving progress from the bottom up

Countries should establish targets that represent the local context and should be held accountable for achieving them.

Partnership based

Aligning efforts to maximize impact

Immunization partners should align and coordinate their actions to increase efficiency, build on complementarity and involve sectors beyond immunization for mutual benefit.


Promoting evidence-based decision-making

High-quality, “fit-for-purpose” data will be used to track progress, improve programme performance and form the basis of decision-making at all levels.